Good Morning!

The other day, I wrote a twitter thread about hiring your first “Head of People” (and why you should never call it that). It seemed to hit a nerve not just with HR people (who aren’t recruiters, but are expected to be), but recruiters (whose job is not to design organizations or write legal policies, and if they say it is, run!) and founders. That last category is especially interesting to me. The days of “free beer, no HR” are LONG over. More and more entrepreneurs are realizing the benefits that a really great people strategy can bring them. Having a top-tier team? The best feeling. Giving them clear goals and career growth, coaching from conscious managers, regular feedback, equitable pay, and all an overall positive, designed experience? On another level.

This is the work we do at Bright + Early, and we love it. But there’s one thing that bums us out. After working with 100+ organizations, we’ve learned some really interesting things. Want a killer employee onboarding program? We’ve got 20 ways to do it. Need salary bands? We’ve got a 10 step, foolproof method. But, aside from the occasional twitter thread, only our consulting clients were able to benefit from those learnings. Until now.

Early is coming. Early next week.

(*Editor's note: at the time of writing this newsletter had not yet launched this magazine. And now, well, we have. So, welcome to Early! We're so excited to have you.)

Nora Jenkins Townson, Founder, Bright + Early

Here’s what’s on our radar this week:

Vice explored the tanking mental health of People Ops professionals during the pandemic, and why we should be more appreciative of them. If renewed empathy for HR means never hearing those “oNly tHere tO proTect tHe coMpaNy!” comments again, we’re all for it.

Looking for thoughtful questions for your next 1:1? Our friends at HyperContext have curated this huge list of conversation starters.

Automated firing failures, bonuses to quit and grieving families: the New York Times explores Amazon’s COVID employment practices in this fascinating long-form read.

Returning to work? Officely is a slack-embedded tool that can help you handle office capacity, contact tracing and health screening paperwork.

In 2020, tech companies pledged over 3.8 billion towards DEI donations. But their percentage of Black employees remains stagnant. Why?

We welcomed a new team member, Maye, this week, and can’t stop singing the praises of GatherRound, an easy, drag-and-drop virtual planner for fun team mixers. Just pick a topic or occasion and it’ll autopopulate with thoughtful “would you rathers”, group games, and even music videos to set the mood.

Thanks for reading, and have a bright weekend.