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Early is a work magazine for real life.

Our mission at Bright + Early is to build a different version of work.

Disenchanted with the corporate jargon, hollow platitudes and old-school thinking of traditional HR and business writing, we have chosen instead to create Early Magazine, a place to tell stories about work that are immersed in real life and all the messiness, complexity and nuance that comes with it. 

We also want to give business owners and managers the tools to build conscious, future-friendly people practices in their own workplaces. So, we’re taking everything we’ve learned in our work at Bright + Early and sharing it with you. We’ve also invited some friends to come join us. Every month you can expect new stories written from HR practitioners, founders and people with jobs of all kinds that will share, challenge and explore all that it takes to make work work in real life.

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Early Magazine Team

Nora Jenkins Townson, co-editor
Sydney Allen Ash, co-editor
Katie Almas, marketing
Curtis Townson, design director
with art direction by Sam Jayne

More about Bright + Early

Bright + Early is an HR consultancy unlike any other. Known for building unique, data-driven and inclusive HR programs, we're a team of misfits that specializes in scaling startups and creative teams. We donate a portion of all revenue to The Bright + Early Better Workplaces Fund, our charitable fund focused on supporting underrepresented groups in the workforce.