Wondering what we're all about at Clippily? Wonder no more! These are the values on which we’ve built our company. We live them, breathe them, and die by them. Let’s dive in!

We’re here to win.

Get in, loser... we’re starting a movement 😎. No, but seriously: we started Clippily to change the world, and we won’t settle for anything less. We hire for excellence and applaud exuberance. We play for keeps and leave it on the field. We have that twinkle in our eye that scares people, because they don’t get it and they never will. And they don’t have to, because we do, and that drive is all we need to achieve.

We’ve left “play hard” in the past.

We all remember the golden age of tech startups: the ping pong tables, the craft beer on tap, the questionably-themed all-staff parties that could have easily earned us an exposé about our alleged cultural insensitivity. The fact is, we’re all older and wiser now, and selling a startup as party central doesn’t cut it anymore. Plus, having three managers leave for rehab within a five-month span wasn’t a great look for us.

We’ve learned that there are other ways to reward employees, like ample benefits and a generous time off policy. So yeah, our employees work hard, but we show our gratitude by encouraging them to take advantage of our unlimited-in-theory vacation policy, provided they don’t have any deliverables that their absence might hinder even slightly any time within the next 6-8 weeks. That’s called “balance”.

We bring our whole selves to work…

We’re people-first, and we believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. So much so that our CEO says, “We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion,” at every single all-hands meeting!

We’ve also found that implementing any real policy on DE&I is… well, it’s hard! That’s why we’ve shifted that onus to our employees. See, when we urge people to show up as their whole selves, it sounds really encouraging and open-minded, but it also takes a whole lot of pressure to ensure we’re providing a workspace that’s actually inclusive off our exec team and instead places it squarely on the shoulders of the people who can’t actually affect change. So come on in and let that freak flag fly! And then let us take your picture and paste it all over our website and social media so we can check that box and relax.

… And leave our opinions at home.

Look, it’s not that we didn’t totally mean everything we just said about how we care about our employees as people or whatever, but we do need to add one giant caveat here: this does NOT extend to “people” in the collective sense of the word. If you have any opinions about issues that aren’t about work—be they social, political, or a slightly more nebulous anxiety about whether the very Earth on which we live will even be habitable within the next five years—please, check them at the door!

We’re here to work. And as far as we’re concerned, the systems, realities, injustices, and privileges that have enabled our success and will continue to ensure that there’s a future for our company? Yeah, they don’t exist. And as long as we keep up that charade, everything will be fine.

We’re radically transparent

Finally, we pride ourselves on our no-bullshit culture. Today’s consumers are smart, savvy, and will see through artifice in a split-second. And frankly? There’s no room for smokescreens when you’re disrupting the retail space with a revolutionary product offering (direct-to-consumer nail clippers, in our case).

So we prioritize transparency, and we build it into everything we do. Our prices? Transparent. Our goals? Transparent. The show our CEO made a big deal of telling everyone he was watching during Pride month? Transparent.

That transparency filters down to our individual contributors too, which is why we only have one General Slack channel and ban any direct communication between employees. If they have something to say, they can say it to all of us. And if they have a minor grievance they want to share with a colleague to blow off steam and feel less alone, they can swallow it. Winners don’t complain, and they don’t disrupt the direct-to-consumer nail-clipping space with a bad attitude.

And there you have it, a comprehensive summary of our company values that’s straightforward, measured, and not at all warped through a dangerously capitalist lens that asks our employees to put the needs of a corporation ahead of their own. Let’s keep killing it, Clippily fam!